Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Three months!

I have fewer than three months before I leave the States! I bought my place ticket yesterday -- any student travellers out there, check out -- and I applied for housing. If I get my first choice, I'll be living in a place called Broadgate Park, which is actually off-campus, located in the town (?) of Beeston. It's actually closer to the history building than the other dorms!

In other news, the roomies and I are moving out in less than two weeks, and it's bittersweet. All of my stuff is long gone of course, and it now resides in Philly, where it will stay until grad school (scary thought). After our lease is up here, I'm going to stay with Reni, one of my current roommates, in her new place on Sumter St. until I leave Charleston. My flight to London leaves on the night of the 15th of September, so I'm planning leave to Philadelphia sometime around the 15th of August.