Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Final Semester

I check my bloglist daily to see who's updated, and I'm tired of looking at the same months-old post at the top of the page. So here I am.

I haven't written, as may or may not be obvious, because my life has been overrun with papers and articles and research. I've got a little over two months until I graduate, and trying to wrap up the loose ends is taking up all of my time (that and the Olympics!). But so far, so good. I got straight A's last semester, and I've maintained that so far this semester. My senior paper got accepted for presenting at SEWSA, and I have a couple of small publishing prospects. I'm starting to look seriously at PhD programs, as I'll spend a lot of time this summer and into the fall completing the application process. The job thing is still in the beginning phases, but I've put together a resume and in the next couple of weeks will start tracking down some serious options. I finally found not one but two white graduation dresses! All in all, the little things are lined up, and while this may not be the best time of my life, it needs to happen. I'm definitely looking forward to the coming year when I'll be working for real and hopefully doing a little freelance writing and some traveling on the side.

In other news, this month marks my departure from England (and my being stranded in the Great London "Blizzard") as well as my arrival in Germany. How can it have been a year already?! If only one could make a career out of studying abroad... While you've probably seen all the England and Germany picture you can stomach, here's my last of Nottingham and my first of Tuebingen:

And here's a little something from this semester: