Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Next Step

There always seems to be one, doesn't there?

Right now is good. The heat has broken for the time being, and the windows are open. I have a few minutes until I have to head to work, so this is the time, as it is every day, for reflection and iced tea. I've been on hiatus from writing simply because I usually work at least 50 hours a week, but I'm steadily making the time even in this busy schedule to do the things I love. Really I'm preparing for what comes next and trying to make sure that I keep my head on straight this time around. 

Yesterday I took the German language exam (again) that will (hopefully) get me one step closer to grad school in Deutschland.* It's the first step toward the next step, and this time around I am actually feeling pretty good about all of it. I mean, if I've learned anything in the last couple of years, it's that very little actually goes according to plan, but along with the necessary grain of salt, I have a good amount of confidence that it will all work out. While I don't know exactly what that means yet, I do feel that the events of the last several years have been leading me to the decision to go back to Europe for a master's, and I am glad I finally have the guts to make it. The months ahead are all saving, applying, and preparing for yet another international move, and I am already so excited for the next adventure. This time, I'm doing it the right way. 

 * "Again" because, this being me, somehow the files were corrupted after I took it the first time and were unable to be evaluated. All of us in my test group had to retake the speaking portion of the exam. "Hopefully" because I have yet to get my results.